CyberClaw is about altering realities&mysterious art. It is always Alien. Like Dada he uses absurdities and non sequiturs to create artworks (and sometimes performances) which defy intellectual analysis. The Claw can be seen as a surrealist, because he creates fantastical visual imagery which is not logically comprehensible and it all seems to come from his subconscious. But he does not believe in the subconscious, being a nonconformist and a constructivist by nature.


Are his pictures paintings or photographs? It is not easy to say. Some are doctored photographs, using digital techniques, but he has been known to scratch and paint on photos. He sometimes uses a scan of a picture, or illustration, to make digital copies, which are altered.  It was always about mixed media. The Claw doesn’t see himself as an artist, but as a media-alterer. He has developed a theory of art, using alterations (of what is pictured) as a starting point.


His personal adagio is:  ‘Nothing is true! There is no truth! That is the truth!


From early childhood the Claw was alienated by the personal and social hypocrisy that he perceived around him; some even say he was repulsed by this. He had (and has) a sense of being different from everybody around him, except for his partner.